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Tuscan London Dry Gin

Gin Sole is a tribute to bygone days and undying love, to Villa Valentini Bonaparte and the lifelong commitment of a pair of newlyweds who, like the sun itself, brought the light of their commitment to the stately home and enchanting garden.

SOLE evokes the splendor of the relationship that existed between Count Valentini and Princess Alessandrina Bonaparte, capturing the light that guided both their days and nights. Every drop of this gin is a tribute to their love story and to the energy they dedicated to every corner of the villa and garden, like radiant sunbeams shining through the leaves onto the elegant garden paths. Two souls, two gins: SOLE Tuscan London Dry Gin exists in two versions to satisfy the most discriminating connoisseurs of this noble distillate.


Sole Sir Black

For those who enjoy a more traditional, dry gin

Sir Black gin is dedicated to Count Valentini, an active participant in the Italian Risorgimento and man of great courage. Tuscan juniper berries are at the essence of SOLE Sir Black, conferring a winsome aroma and decisive character to the gin while symbolizing the Count’s fortitude.

The fresh citrus notes evoke tenacity and youthful vigor, while the other spices (angelica, olive leaves and coriander) add balance, harmony and persistence. At 46° proof, the alcohol content lends depth to the aromatic profile.

Sole White Lady

For those who prefer fragrant and spicy aromas

White Lady captures all the qualities of a true princess like Alessandrina Bonaparte, the niece of Napoleon. Delicate notes of Tuscan juniper coexist alongside floral hints (lavender, rose buds and Florentine iris, all of which grow in the villa’s nurseries), harkening back to joyful and bright days spent in the flower gardens of the villa.

Citrusy notes of bergamot and coriander bring brilliance and freshness to the gin, while the captivating fragrance of cardamom adds a touch of spice. Warm and supple on the palate, the mouthfeel is a delicate nod to the couple’s long and vibrant romance.



Special Luxury Box

SOLE is not just a gin, it’s a praise to eternal love, a hymn to the beauty of a shared lifetime. Let each sip be a journey into the romantic ambiance of Villa Valentini Bonaparte and a tribute to the love that grew there, which shines like the sun on all those who experience it.

Each bottle of this limited edition has been numbered and is one of a kind. Designed as a pair, in homage to couples, we offer Sir Black and White Lady in an elegant box with two lowball tumblers. On sale soon, for a limited time, on the website.


The Hearth
of the Project

Villa Valentini Bonaparte

The idea for Gin Sole originated in the gardens of Villa Valentini Bonaparte, a magnificent historical residence surrounded by a large estate with ancient trees and an Italianate landscaped garden. This is where it all begin, at the ‘fontana al ponte,’ which stands at the entrance to the gardens of the villa, where vibrant colors and delightful fragrances fill the air with the changing seasons.

Some of the botanicals used in our gins grow near the "fontana delle rondini", which is located at the heart of the Italian garden. The villa’s grounds have been a majestic source of wellbeing for both the body and soul since the 17th century. Now, today, thanks to the botanicals used in Gin Sole, they also bring delight to the palate.



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